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The Staff at Village Market
Tim Dolnier, Co-Owner President
Tim Dolnier, our co-owner and President, is no stranger to our store. He practically grew up here! As Nancy's son, he spent many of his youthful hours hanging out waiting for mom. He started working in the Prepared Foods Department when he turned 16. He attended James Madison University and spent his first 10+ years out of college in the financial industry, and he decided in 2010 to return to his roots at the Village Market. Tim loves to hit the links whenever possible. He resides in Westport with his wife, Jen, their 2 daughters and a son.
Mike Picheco, Co-Owner President
Mike Picheco, our co-owner and President lives in Trumbull with his wife Kait and son. He graduated from Fairfield University with a degree in Economics. He joined us as a part-time employee in 1998 and went full-time in 2003. He became our Grocery Manager in 2007. He loves to watch sports and is a big Yankees and NY Giants fan. He also actively plays sports, especially golf. He enjoys vacationing and is a big fan of cruises.
Nancy Dolnier, VP/GM
After more than 40 years at the Village Market, Nancy Dolnier, our VP and General Manager calls the Village Market home. "I've been here more than half my life!" That is not to imply that she doesn't get to travel, go to the beach, shop, and watch football. Nancy is the store expert on everything: how much to order (how many servings per person, say), when to order, what to serve at your next party, how much soda the Booster Clubs needs, etc. Just stop by the office and feel free to ask. In 2016, Nancy was named "Business Person of the Year" by the Wilton Chamber of Commerce. Nancy and her husband Karl enjoy gardening. They have two grown sons and five grandchildren.
Brian Cowic, Assistant GM
Brian Cowic, our Assistant General Manager has been in retail for over 30 years. You'll see him rearranging displays, putting up signs, moving sales racks, etc. His duties stress marketing and customer service, but he helps out around the store in many ways. If you cannot find a particular item, if you want to special order something or if you have any questions at all, Brian is a good man to ask! He is another resident sports fan here - in his case he pulls for the N.Y. Rangers and the Yankees. You'll also find Brian in the garden at home. He and his wife Debbie have two daughters.
Edwin Vega, Meat Manager
Edwin Vega began working for us in the early 90s as a stock clerk, but switched to meat department after a short time to learn that craft. And learn it he did. Ed became a very skilled meat cutter and, for a while, took a job closer to his home. We missed him. Ed returned to us as our Meat Manager in the late '90s and over-saw the expansion of that department. Ed left us again in 2003, but once again we were able to convince him to return as our Manager. We expect Ed will stay this time! Ed's brother, Lou has been with us in the Dairy/Grocery department for over 20 years and Ed's son, Emannuel also works with his dad in the meat department.
Esther Maldonado, Cash Manager
Esther Maldonado is our Cash Manager. She can also field any question concerning the store, especially in Nancy or Brian's absence. Esther keeps track of all our ATM, credit card, cash or check transactions. Feel free to call her with your questions about your receipt, or setting up a new deposit account. She lives in Stratford and has two daughters and two grandchildren.
Maria Granata, Accounts Payable/Human Resources Manager
Maria has been with us for 18 years. She started working in Prepared Foods and is now our Accounts Payable Manager. Maria and her husband Mike have two sons and a daughter. She loves to bake, crochet and enjoys doing crossword puzzles.
Sue Zinicola, Deli Production
Sue has been with us for over 30 years. She heads up our deli production staff and is responsible for so many of our most renowned offerings including our Potato Salads and our Chicken Pot Pies. But she does so much more as she and the staff produce an astonishing array of items every day in our kitchen. Sue and her husband, John, live in Stamford. Her daughter Nisia still comes back to help out up front on occasion. She is the proud grandmother of three darling girls!
Terry Meehan, Produce Manager
After over 30 years at the Market, Terry Meehan is as enthused about "his" Produce Department as he is about gardening and landscaping. Feel free to ask him anything about our fruit/gift baskets, the quality of the current supply of artichokes, or our store-made soups. Terry has two children and one granddaughter and when he's not working here or at home, Terry enjoys the woods of New Hampshire.
Carl Dzienkiewicz Jr., Assistant General Manager
Carl came to us over 2 years ago from Shoprite. He and his wife, Stacy live in Derby with their cat, Stella, and their dog, Teddy. He loves to fish and plays his guitar with friends and local bands whenever possible. He says he is very happy to be working with so many great people. In 2016, Carl was named "Grocery Manager of the Year" by our wholesaler, Bozzuto's. Have a new product request for grocery, frozen or dairy? Carl is the guy to ask!
George Tsahirides, Assistant Meat Manager
George started here at The Market over 8 years ago as a butcher's apprentice after several years at Stop & Shop. Recently married, he and his wife, Lillian reside in Norwalk where he grew up and went to school. They love to travel. When he's not behind the meat counter you can often find them on their bicycles touring the local countryside!
Brian Dodd, Assistant Produce Manager
Brian has been with "The Market" for over 8 years, beginning his career here as a produce clerk. He has worked his way through the ranks to become Terry's right-hand man. A graduate of Wilton High School, Brian enjoys kayaking, hiking and walking his 2 dogs. He really enjoys the family-like atmosphere here at Village Market.
Gina Costanzo, Cheese Buyer
We were lucky enough to hire Gina when our neighbor to the north, Ancona's, closed. She had been there for 8 years. She's done a great job in the last 2 years of expanding our cheese selection-introducing us to many new cheeses from near and far! When she's not stocking the cheese case, she's busy cooking with her husband Dave. She also enjoys photography and walking their two dogs, Dudley and Roxie.